Friday, 15 September 2017

Our classroom beliefs...

We listen to our teacher and friends.

We raise our hand when we have something to say.

We use a quiet voice when we speak.

We walk in our classroom.

We keep our hands to ourselves.

We respect others.

First day of school!

Morning Kindergarten - 1st day of school!

Afternoon Kindergarten - 1st day of school!

Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Welcome to Kindergarten

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Welcome to Kindergarten!!!

Please take a few minutes to browse our classroom blog. 
Maybe this is your first experience with kindergarten or maybe 
it is your third time around. Either way, this blog will answer all 
of your questions and more. The seven minute video on the top right corner of this blog will give you some insight and answer most of your kindergarten questions. I look forward to meeting you later this week during your scheduled conference!!!

Please refer to this blog throughout the school year. Each Friday, photos, songs and/or videos will be posted to give you a glimpse into our magical kindergarten world. This blog will also be helpful in providing you with weekly reminders, what/when you 
signed up to bring party snacks and/or play dough, etc.